Black Cat Studio accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express


  • $50 per hour
  • Minimum of 4 hours
  • Billed on the quarter hour
  • $100 deposit required
  • Hourly rate applies to studio time as well as any time spent mixing and mastering the material

Tips for getting the most out of your studio time:

  • Come to the studio prepared. Know your material and be ready to record.
  • Arrive on time. The clock starts at your scheduled time. If you arrive an hour late, you will be billed for that hour.
  • You should always have new strings and/or drum heads when recording.
  • Make sure your instruments are properly tuned.
  • Bring extra strings, drum sticks, etc…
  • Practice to a click track. No matter how well you know your material, it is always helpful use a click while practicing.